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Exhibit A1
Jason Trucco

July 19th – August 16th
Opening reception Saturday July 19th 12–5 PM

 by Jason Trucco

ANGELL GALLERY is pleased to present 'Exhibit A1', a large-scale installation by Los Angeles-based media artist and director Jason Trucco. The exhibition runs throughout the gallery from July19 to August 16th. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, July 19th, 12 - 5pm.

Exhibit A1 aims to pursues ideas first presented at The Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles in 2012. A projection of an idealized exhibit onto the interior of Angell Gallery, Exhibit A1 is both an evocation and an exploration of the limits of fantasy and virtual space.

Trucco's exhibit starts with an idealized 3 dimensional rendering of an exhibit modeled on Angell Gallery's interior. The mapping will include representations of his video and photography work, inserted into the virtually mapped space. This rendering will then be printed onto 8 ½ X 11 sheets of paper (known as A1 sheets) which, placed on the actual walls of the gallery, will allow viewers to experience a mapping of virtual space onto an actual physical space.

The paradoxical reversal of the virtual and the actual will be enhanced by an added element of visual distortion. Viewers will have an immersive panoramic view of the idealized space only by standing in a certain, specially selected 'sweet spot' on the gallery floor.

"People are experiencing more of their lives in time and space shifted environments on two dimensional devices, screens of various sizes," explains Trucco. "Exhibit A1 is an opportunity to showcase the limitations in this mode of looking at life from other people's viewpoints. Although the advances in photography and image distribution give the illusion of real experience, my hope is that this installation will highlight the constraints of this way of seeing in an aesthetically dynamic way. It's exploring the illusion of 3D in 2D materials that embraces both the glitches and limitations of a two dimensional way of experiencing life."

Jason Trucco is a director, artist, videographer and playwright known for his exploration of new mediums in theatre, video and contemporary art. He has recently directed music videos for Macy Gray, Devo, Glen Campbell, and Queens Of The Stone Age, often in close collaboration with legendary rock artist Kii Arens. His video (with Arens and Gerald Casale) for Devo, "What We Do", involved the use of the world's first cinema quality 360 degree video camera, which he developed. His recent video for Queens of the Stone Age "The Vampyre Of Time and Memory" also included a fully interactive virtual space he designed in conjunction with Vice and The Creators Project.


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