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Astronomical Landscapes

Project Space

Atlas, 2015
Lenticular Photograph
22" x 66"

ANGELL GALLERY is very proud to present, as part of the CONTACT Photography Festival, DAN HUDSON: ASTRONOMICAL LANDSCAPES. An opening reception will be held on Friday, April 29, 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

Astronomical Landscapes are a series of lenticular photographs that reveal time-lapse animations as the viewing angle changes. They are observations of a world that is moving through space and drifting through time.  

The animations are created from sequences of precisely framed photographs that record transformations in the landscape over periods of time that correspond to the earth’s orbit (a year), moon’s orbit (a month) and the spin of the earth (a day).

Integrating these astronomical cycles into lenticular animations is a way to explore the relationship between time, memory and our sense of place. The resulting images tie the ground below our feet to the cosmos above our heads.

Queen Louise, 2015
Lenticular photograph
20" x 46"
NYC (moon, earth, sun), 2016
Lenticular Photograph
15" x 75"
Lions (Tiergarten), 2015
Lenticular Photograph
22" x 46" (sold)